Don't call me a goddess! Part 5



Volume 7 chapter 5


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Don't call me a goddess! Part 5




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[divine punishment] It is a substitute for the wrath of God, carried out by priestesses against the enemies of the Church, or rather, the enemies of the world.


It has been a few hundred years or so since the existence of the priestess was born. This wrath of God, which had only been practiced few times in its hundreds of years, was now about to be enforced on a single inn.


This fact astonished the onlookers who had gathered to find a church carriage coming to the royal capital and to see what was going on.


That's because the [divine punishments]`that have occurred up until now have all been things that threatened to throw the world into chaos. a criminal organization plotting to destroy the church, a merchant alliance planning to start a war to sell their products, a madman trying to bring back the Demon King and plunge the world into chaos, and so on. But not this time.


For reasons that can only be described as a wet blanket in the eyes of onlookers, a restaurant where one would fight for lunch, an inn that offers a comfortable and safe night's sleep at a reasonable price and a woman to whom one has become accustomed are about to be erased.


Naturally, some begin to protest. The road in front of the inn, a horse-drawn carriage stopping. The people surrounding them begin to make a lot of noise at once.


At that moment, a man moves.


Yes, [High Priest] "Butcher Budeo" himself.

With a "Pang!", the Butcher claps his hands in the air and attracts the attention of the crowd with a murmur. As the people looked at him, he began to speak something like a small sermon.


To Carla, who had been watching the series of actions his sermon seemed to be bluntly a 'content less address by the principal. That would be true too.


The words "Respect poverty," which found in a scripture compiled as a divine oracle by Duncan Soucy. The High Priest of the time and the first person said to establish Klan religion in the world. A man who, by all appearances does not respect poverty is speaking the birth of priestesses loudly.


Furthermore, he seems to be using the philosophy of the teachings and the words of the high priests of the time to speak, but nothing is said that would explain the [divine punishment] to be inflicted on the inn in this situation.

It was merely an explanation of what Klanism was all about.

But. Something is wrong.

The road in front of the inn, where a buzz was spreading earlier. -now all she can hear is the words of the high priest who continues to preach

CARLA notices this fact and quickly looks around. Pamela is still glaring at us, but we don't have time to worry about that.

I moved my eyes fast so that Pamela would not notice and observed the people around me, all of whom had somewhat depressed expressions on their faces.

This is not good. It is clearly the reaction of a person undergoing some form of mental manipulation. To apply it on such a large scale and all at once is clearly out of the ordinary.

Just as CARLA was about to say something to make him stop, Pamela moved next to the High Priestess.


「High Priest, that's enough. No matter what the people say, it doesn't change the fact that this inn has been certified nefarious. 」


At her words, the high priest meekly returns to his original position. However, there was some sort of triumphant expression on his face, unlike a few moments earlier.


The people no longer voiced their opposition, leaving only the execution of Pamela's [divine punishment] in front of the inn. As expected, CARLA is also face down.


「Hmph. Finally, she admits her guilt. Nevertheless, you're a little late. The execution of [divine punishment] has already decided. 」


Pamela says so.

Behind Pamela, no one saw the look of joy on the face of the man who stood back with a huge body that could not refrained.




Pamela, who had been looking at CARLA exhales one deep breath. It is necessary to concentrate one's all attention in order to create a phenomenon called "divine punishment," which is beyond the power of man.


Pamela glanced at CARLA once more but she remained the same as before, slumped over.


If she tried to rant or run away at this point, she would be no different from a common villain and she did not confused by the invocation of [divine punishment] but the woman in front of her did not even show any sign of it.

Pamela was about to feel that there must be some kind of mistake, but suppressed the feeling.

The divine energy hovering around Pamela becomes thicker and thicker until it is visible. A divine band of light circled around Pamela, creating a fantastic atmosphere.


The belt of divine energy circled around Pamela several times, drawing the magic letters of [divine punishment] a magic circle in front of her outstretched palm. The overwhelming vibrations of the divine energy caused onlookers with weak tolerance to it to faint one after another.

With such an enormous wave of power Pamela, who handles it, is not safe.


Concentration of the mind is the most important [divine punishment] activation. She only thinks about inflicting [divine punishment] on the enemy in front of her and concentrates the mind. She couldn't care less about the sweat on forehead or the teeth that were clenching and chattering. From head to toe, everything completely used as a tool to defeat the enemy and gather divine energy to a single point.

One invocation of [divine punishment] is enough to make her not stand up by fatigue all day long on that day.


The magic letters of [God's Punishment] intensify in light in a certain cycle. When the magic letters shone one more strongly, Pamela directed all the power of her body to the gathered divine energy and released it.


At the same time, she conjures up an image inside brain of crushing the enemy in front of her and casts spell.


「I will not allow you, scoundrel who deceives the Goddess, in the name of the Church and as a priestess of the Goddess, to say that you are a* [goddess]*. With this blow, know the wrath of God,* [divine punishment]!* 」


With the chanting, a cackling, intense light emitted and the [divine punishment] activated.


The magical letters of divine punishment, which formed in front of the outstretched palm, gradually disintegrate to form a single sphere. The sphere of divinity slowly moves toward CARLA. ......


Immediately after, it suddenly changed its course to the sky!


A ball of light rising rapidly at great speed. It seemed to rise to the height of the clouds and then, poof it dissipated.

Failure? Everyone thinks so. CARLA also thought.

However, Pamela still has a stern expression on her face and her palms are still outstretched.

Yes, [divine punishment] is still in effect.


Suddenly, clouds begin to gather and the area grows dim. The sky filled with thick, pitch-black clouds with lightning, reminiscent of the apocalypse, and the morning town dimly tinged with darkness.

At such a scene, someone unconsciously murmured.


「It's over. .......」


The [divine punishment] finally invoked.


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What is the fate of CARLA!

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