Don't call me a goddess! Part 2

Don't call me a goddess! Part 2

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Volume 7 chapter 2

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The Holy City Klan de Myakohjili was a small town until a few hundred years ago.

It was a slightly more developed town than the usual quiet villages, with no particularly famous specialties and no world-famous figures.


There is a reason why such a town that’s not so rural has come to be called the "Holy City". Once, in front of a daughter who works in the town's church the only god theKlan, came down and gave her protection. We don't know what the Klan God thought or based on what the god gave protection to a mere girl in a small town. As no research has done, but this event marked the beginning for the ubiquitous small towns to called the Holy City.


The Klan religion believed by people all over the world, nearly ninety percent of populous. Although, it was a small event in church where a priest officially dispatched and the girl quickly became the head of the Klan cult as a priestess of the goddess.


As recorded at first, the high priests of the time were uneasy about it and had an inquisition held, during the inquisition the god Klan descended and said in a voice that directly echoed in the head. "To call a priestess who has been given my blessing a heretic, She have the blessing of a higher god," and no one could call the girl a heretic anymore.


There are many roles for a miko (Priestess), but the most important role is probably communicating with the Klan Gods.


The arrival of the god Klan into the church to give the priestess protection occurs once every four years, on the first day of the year. The priestess reports various information to the Klan god who has descended, such as disasters and political changes that occur in various places. As soon as the report is finished, the priestess is given immense powers of protection that’s enormous for mankind.


There are various theories as to why a huge power of protection is given to a priestess, but it is said that the main reason is to prevent unnecessary conflict in the world.


Religion inevitably creates conflict.

Those who believe in God and those who abuse God’s grace are born because God's protection is invisible.

It is believed that the Klan god dislikes conflicts between people over protection so, maintains the peace of the world by giving visible protection to the world through priestesses.


The priestess is a stand-in for the Klan God and is the only one who communicates with the Klan God.


Although she is such a priestess, she does not deviate from the confines of people.

Born, live and die. Being a priestess doesn't mean you have to be a virgin for the rest of your life. There is even a record among the priestesses, were women of a strange age who had experienced marriage and childbirth chosen.


When a priestess fulfils her heavenly life, a Ceremony of Selection to select the next generation of priestesses held and only those who are chose as priestesses inherit the knowledge as priestesses from the previous priestess. As soon as the knowledge passed on to the new priestess, the previous priestess travels to the Klan God.


Some people may wonder what would happen if the priestess died in an accident before the Ceremony of Selection, but please rest assured that thanks to the power of protection from the Klan god, the priestess "will not die outside of her lifespan".


This ceremony of selection held in the church where protection is given to the girl.

As a church where the descent of God and the selection of priestesses are held, the church of the town became the "Holy Church". The city itself came to be called the Holy Land and Klan followers from all over the world flooded in, rapidly expanding its size and eventually becoming a city.

But the city will never be bigger than it needs to be.

The church leaders, who thought that the increase in the number of people would contaminate the Holy Land, appealed directly to the priestess. Through the priestess, the Klan god tells her that no one above a certain level can live.

Following this process, the holy city Klan de Myakohejili was born.

The Holy City is known to many countries as the holy place where the Klan God descends but its place is also called the miracle of God.


It is the centre of the three major powers. It is located exactly the same distance from the capitals of the three great powers, the Oakran Kingdom, the Elkran Empire and the Milkran Kingdom.


Whether it is coincidence or necessity, it is all guided by the Klan God and is spoken of as one of God's miracles that continues to this day.


There were two carriages departing from the holy city of Klan de Myakohejili.




The two carriages headed southwest along the highway, escorted by several knights around them.


In the carriage ahead were the current Priestess of the Goddess, Pamela Shrine Maiden and several other handmaidens, and in the carriage following from the rear, Butcher Budeo, the High Priest, and several others.


There is a reason why the two leaders of the world's largest religion, the Klan cult (the head of the religion is a priestess, but the real head is also said to be the High Priest, because he does not act openly) left the Holy City in a carriage.

Recently, in the royal capital of the Kingdom of Okuran, "Klan Klan", an inn that proclaims to be "Goddess' Inn" has appeared, and it is said that they have built up enormous wealth from their enormous advertising effect.  

Upon receiving the report, the priestess of the goddess, Pamela was furious.


For Pamela, who had lived a frugal life as the chief executive of a church that valued poverty, deceiving God's name and building a fortune was unacceptable.


I am not saying that there have never been such incidents of deceiving in the name of God, but all of them have been discovered and slaughtered in the name of [ divine punishment ] by priestesses of each generation.


This is a particularly big case and according to the High Priest, " Although it is a deserted inn no matter how you look at it, it has made a great fortune by calling it the inn of the goddess. "


That high priest, who was always smiling and kind, never seen anything angry, friendly to everyone, received the support of everyone and rose to the position of high priest at a young age. That high priest, who always thought of the people first and always tried to lead the world better, was so angry that his face fell and his voice trembled. There was no doubt that he was the greatest scoundrel of our generation.


Certainly, simply [ divine punishment ] is not as praised as the act of deceiving God's name. This time, however, the scale of the story is different. Unlike previous events that only involved a few people, investigations revealed that the problem was big enough to have an impact around the world.

The fact that she herself declared the invocation of [ Divine Punishment ] was a matter of course for Pamela.


(To fools who deceive God, be sure to receive [God’s punishment]!)


In a simple carriage that rattled and swayed with each movement, and was not flatteringly comfortable, Pamela's determined eyes burned with justice.  


In such a place, new important places and place names have appeared.

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