Living in the Forest

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 161

Living in the Forest

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Living in the Forest


After seeing NIDA off, we went into the house muddled style. I suppose it is inevitable that we feel lonely at times like this.


I guess I could get used to it, but I don't think it's good to get used to these things. When you are lonely, it's okay to be lonely.


Samy, Diana and Liddie are going hunting today with krull. The main force is Samy and Diana with Liddie and krull assisting with walks as well.


The reason he did not go hunting while NIDA was there to avoid passing on information about the Black Forest, since hunting unlike collecting involves moving over a wider area and is more difficult to see.


No wonder I thought I hadn't gone while there was a NIDA that would like the hunt. I wasn't aware of that in the slightest, so I feel a little bad.


After getting back into the swing of things, riku and I were both working on the forge. I have to make it a little quickly.


We'll start with the knife. As usual, the sheet metal heated and hammered. At that time, I think the speed at which I forged the knife was slightly faster, perhaps thanks to the sword I made.


Cheat should be fast to begin with, but does that mean I could grow out of it or my body just catching up to the cheat?


I don't know which one it is either but if there's room for a little growth, I'll just stretch it.


After that, I continued to pound sheet metal single-mindedly to make knives and by the time Samy and the others returned I made quite a few. I still think there are more than before.


「Master, aren't you getting faster again?」


「I know.」


The fact that it is faster from RIKU's point of view seems to indicate that it is getting faster.


「The hammer is used differently with a sword but it may mean that the body has learned how to use it in a way that can be applied to knives as well.」


「I see then, if you make variety of weapons it might get faster and faster. Master is awesome. ......」


RIKU says so without thinking. However, I had a flash of inspiration.


Okay, it's possible that the more different types of weapons I make, the better the cheat perform. Even if we concentrate on deliverables this week, it will be worth a try in the next two weeks.


After such a realization, Samy and the others returned as I was cleaning up the work area. It is somewhat late, so they must have gone to the back or caught a big fish.


「Welcome back.」


「Oh, I'm home.」


「Did you catch a big one?」


「Yeah. the wild boar 」


Samy, who is always excited when she catches a big one, is strangely quiet.


「What's wrong?」


「No. ......」


「We found traces of a big black bear.」


Liddie answered, replacing the brusque Samy.


「A bear, huh? We have to be careful when fetching water. Maybe we should put a fence around krull's cabin too so bears can't easily get in. 」


I say so, and now Diana replied.


「I talked to Samy and Liddie on the way home and they said it might be a while before they get here. 」


「Well, if it's not urgent that's a relief.」


「Yes, it is. I heard you killed that bear the last time you were here? 」


「Yeah, I know.」


It shouldn't be that long ago, but it feels like a long time ago now.


「Samy recalled that moment So ...... 」


「Oh. I see.」


That was my worst wounded case so far. The hobgoblins are definitely better in terms of stand-alone strength but I had support and the bear's time high in terms on risk of life.


Besides, with bear she saw first-hand how wounded I am. It must be a bit traumatic. I hope this will slowly resolve itself after seeing me safe and sound afterwards.


「We're going to be living in the woods for a long time so, we have to factor in contact with dangerous animals.」


「Yes, as Liddie says they rarely go near us but normally they'd be thinking about boars destroying their fields or something like that. 」


Liddie nods to take over words of Diana.


「For now, let's be careful everyone . Even though they rarely turn into demons, it doesn't mean it doesn't happen and the most dangerous time is when they get loose.」


Everyone nodded at my words. Living in the forest. I couldn't help but think about what it means to be next to nature.


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