Making a scabbard

Novel Name: Isekai Blacksmith shop slow life

chapter: 158

Making a scabbard

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Making a scabbard

After cleaning up, it's dinner but today it's unfermented bread as usual. Fermented bread, whether by the straight or medium method, is still time-consuming.


I feel like making it occasionally. When I said that contrary to my expectations, there were no complaints.


「No ...... Ordinary blacksmith shop where soft bread is served every day, or where you feel like an aristocrat.」


NIDA said in a dazed voice and everyone around her nodded. If you ask me, it certainly is. No matter how common soft bread is in this world, it's not as if commoners who are not aristocrats can eat it regularly.


「indeed Then Nida was lucky to be able to eat it as a guest. 」




NIDA nodded broadly and the bread discussion cut short.

After staying for four or five days, NIDA seems to have become a little more accustomed to the place and is talking more at meals. Yesterday and today nida talked as much as about the Demon world.

The demons need little or no replenishment of magical power, the border (boundary?) is quite far from this forest and the magical power is even denser in the demon world than in this forest. However, they did not give specific geography. Well, accurate geography in any era in any world is military intelligence. ......


Furthermore, according to what they told me their living conditions are not so different from ours. One major difference is that the high concentration of magic means that demons are more likely to occur but even if demons do occur, the demon tribe is basically not attacked by demons.


It seems that even though the demons do not attack them, they do not follow the orders of the demons. They treat it like stray dogs. Considering the hobgoblins I've fought, they're terribly dangerous for stray dogs.


There are some comings and goings of merchants from the human world. It seems that ordinary people cannot go very far back because of the too dense magic and the only trade seems to be at the edge of the demon world. It's possible that maybe Camilo has a deal too. I wouldn't bother to ask.


The next day the final process of making the sword the scabbard, is finally completed. This would normally be made by a specialist craftsman but if it's not at all elaborate, you can get by with a cheat.


The outline of the scabbard itself is not difficult to do with a cheat. We have made scabbards for knives and swords in the past and they are the same.

However, since the sword has a warp the scabbard must also match the warp. If this is not correct, extraction and insertion will be affected. I don't know if they say the same thing in the North, but that's the origin of the word "warped."


The wood in the workshop shaved with a knife to roughly match the shape. The part where the sword blade will fit then made by shaving wood around the actual sword while placed on it. Only the wing and the metal collar should touch the scabbard, the rest should not.


The mouth of the scabbard should be slightly narrower than that of the sword blade to prevent it from slipping out.

The two pieces made one on each side and pasted together. Originally, they were stuck together with glue made from rice but since there is no such glue. Now I paste it together with resin and kawa (Japanese paper). I tried to minimize the number of adhesion points as much as possible so that it would not be difficult to peel off.


After laminating the left and right sides, the outer shape cleaned up. There is no lacquer, so the wood is left white this time. If you want something beautiful, you have to have it made by the government.


Once the left and right sides laminated, the sheet metal is processed to make the parts. The metal clasp around the scabbard mouth (koiguchi) , the ring for fastening the scabbard, the (kurigata) chestnut shape to pass through the sageo for carrying and the part to be fitted to the buttocks side of the scabbard - the (uchi-kojiri) bottom tip.

While hammering and tightening the ring that holds the scabbard, secure the scabbard so that it will not come off from either side. The chestnut shape attached to that ring. Once you have done that, now fit the mouth metal fittings at the scabbard mouth.


Finally, the bottom of the scabbard (also designed simply cover the scabbard) was inserted and the scabbard was finally completed.

Although it is said that it took only a few days, it is a feat that it took only one day instead of the two to three weeks it would normally take (including the lacquering and other processes, of course). The whole process took only one week.


Very few minor corrections that would be necessary in a normal job and very little time is spent measuring lengths. Only the time I hit the blade and matched it but it's taken almost a week, and I'm not talking about easy mass production.


「Okay, I guess that completes it. ......」


I pull the sword out and insert it into the finished scabbard. It is neither too firm nor too loose when fitting even when cutting the scabbard mouth.

I believe that the most important thing is to be able to use a weapon appropriately when you want to use it, whether it is a sword or anything else. It is not good enough if they harm you when you don't intend to use them, or if you can't use them when you do intend to use them.

So I would say that the scabbard I made this time is one of my very best.


「Did you make it! 」


Nida asked me as if she couldn't wait to hear what I had to say. She was a disciplined observer of the entire process. I don't know if they were amused or if they were monitoring me to see if I planted anything strange.


「Oh. Try it outside. 」



Nida grabbed the sword in its scabbard and ran outside.


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