Arrival on town

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chapter: 186

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Arrival to town


At a reasonable hour, I boil water by the fire, make tea and wake up Camillo.


「Your shift now.」




Camillo wakes up sputtering from sleep.


「You're a good sleeper.」


「When you've been peddling for so long, you learn to fall asleep quickly and get up quickly.」


「I see.」


I guess it is not just one or two times to keep an eye on things like this. Experience speaks for itself.




I offer Camillo a cup of tea I brewed.


「Oh! Excuse me, Good night.」


「Thank you. Good night.」


I wrapped myself in a blanket and lay down to greet Camillo and get a little sleep.


The next morning, I wake up before they wake me up. Both Gosha and Camillo were already awake. Camillo's is just standing guard and staying put.


「Oh, you're up. Good morning.」


「Good morning.」


They both greeted me and I returned the greeting.


「Thanks to what you taught me about how the plate springs work, We'll be able to get to the city today.」


「That's how it works.」


I struck up a conversation with Camillo as we prepared for our departure. The coachman said 「there is little hotness for speed」, too


I still can't deny that we have moved the needle of civilization forward a bit. This will increase the speed at which the various 《《things》》 flow.


Mechanism-wise, it is not complicated so, it is just a matter of at what stage of development a person like Da Vinci in the previous world will make a breakthrough in civilization.


Ready to depart, we all get in and take the road. --As on the previous day, we will leap while there are no other people (or carriages), and slow down somewhat when there are other people (or carriages).

In the distance, occasionally large Rocky Mountains can be seen. Camillo told me that the empire has more mines than the kingdom. Maybe riku came from the empire.


Overall, the landscape is somewhat desolate. The grass is growing in some areas, which may not mean that these areas are unsuitable for cultivation, but these areas appear to be uninhabited.


The kingdom also has a large expanse of grassland, but it seems that the cultivated land near the city and the capital is sufficient, and it does not extend very far, which is not surprising considering the similar situation.


Along the way, we take a break to let the horses rest. Camillo says while washing his face with the water he fetched.


「Fast is good but it also means the horses tire more easily.」


「Even horses have their limits.」


「I wish I had a horse that would run tirelessly if I just fed him.」


「If there were such a thing, peddlers would use it all the time.」


「It's a given」


In this world, running dragons are relatively close to that but the aspect of supplying magical power generally not known.


The only people who knew about it were the elves and the rest were probably just some of the people in the palace, or so it seemed. At least it's certainly not a story that involves the daughter of an earl. In any case, there is no point in knowing about it if it does not enable a stable supply of magic power.


The ideal envisioned by Camillo would come if there were tools that could provide a stable supply of magic power or if there were development of internal combustion engines starting with steam engines but I do not intend to get involve in that, at least I have no intention of getting involved myself.


Based on the history of the previous world, I may be able to see at least the beginnings of it in my lifetime but it will be impossible for me to see the development of it.


After the break, we hit the road. The sun would be setting in a couple of hours and suddenly more and more wagons began to appear on the road.


「It's about time.」


I call out to Camillo.


「I guess so. See over there.」


I looked in the direction Camillo pointed and saw a walled city.


Is that where Helen trapped? I involuntarily clutched the edge of the cart.


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