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chapter: 196

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「It's all right now. Don't worry.」


I talk to Helen to calm her down and gently unclasp her arm.


Slowly bend down and look at the shackles. The shackles themselves are hard to broke, but the keys attached to them are simple enough that I could break them with my knife.


「You just hold still.」


I call out to Helen again and put more force into the knife on the key hole. It did not go as far as a quick and easy cut, but I was able to cut a thin section.

Shackles are on both feet. Cut off the other side in the same way.

When I look at the knife, I see a slight edge spill. So if I cut the same piece of steel with the knife, it’s only going to get a few spills. ...... I am a little horrified in spite of myself.


However, if you think about it the other way around, if I cut two thin pieces of steel and the blade spills, it would probably be difficult to cut through the bars and get out, even if I have my custom-made model hidden away, for example.


I don't know if it's the short sword I hit for Helen. That short sword is also missing, of course.

Outside, Franz and Camillo are still waiting for us to escape, and I don't have time to look for them. It's a little painful to see that thing probably spill into the hands of the empire, but it can't be helped.


I removed the unlocked shackles from Helen, picked up the torch and propped her up on my shoulder. Helen maturely puts her arms around my neck and clings to me.


「Is there anything you absolutely must take with you?」


I asked Helen, and she said in a hushed voice


「Swords: ......」


She replies.


「I'll hit that one again, so give it up now.」


When I said this, Helen nodded her head cockily. Slowly, Helen and I walked out of the warehouse.

A figure with a torch seen around the entrance of the warehouse. Camillo and Mr. Franz.


「Are you both okay?」


I called out to them and they nodded.


「Looks like it worked out for you, too.」


「Oh. I was afraid what if it wasn't here, but I'm glad my guesses were right.」


「All right, let's go then.」


I dumped the torch on the floor and held Helen in what’s called a princess's embrace. You can't do a quicksand fireman's carry, but the shoulder-supported method would take too long.


I thought she would protest, but surprisingly she clung to me and remained quiet.


「It's like the knight who saved the princess.」


Camillo makes a light-hearted remark.


「If I'm going to be a knight, I'm going to bring her home safe.」


I returned the compliment with a light one, too. The place that had been tense for so long relaxes a little.

However, the next moment everyone braced themselves and ran outside into the darkness.

The area, which was relatively peaceful when I arrived here, has become noisy and I can hear angry shouts and screams. The number of people had increased considerably.

Looking around I can see fire in the distance and it looks like they are doing it in a very flamboyant way.


「Move, move, move!」


We run through it. Perhaps it helped that I was running with Helen in my arms, but no one was coming to tangle with us.

Perhaps they think we are transporting injured people. Not too far off, either.


Helen is bigger than me. I am not so sure that she feel extremely heavy with my increased muscular strength thanks to the cheat.

While running, I was checking on her but she remained downcast and quiet the whole time.


The time she spent in captivity must have been hard to bear. With that in mind, I kept running trying my best not to slow down, in order to get out of this city as soon as possible.

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