Making bow

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chapter: 169

Making bow

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Making bow


Sheet metal placed in the firebox and heated to the appropriate temperature. The heated sheet metal placed on the anvil and hammered to create a shape by concentrating magical power. It is an arc shape while stretching it so that it does not become too thick.


Eventually, a long, narrow, curved trapezoidal plate formed. It’s then reheated and quenched. It is not as stiff as the suspension but the mechanism is the plate spring itself, so it is both stiff and soft.

The iron plate in the water makes a sizzling sound. When the temperature had dropped to a good level, I pulled it out of the water and held it over the fire in the pit to raise the temperature a little again to temper it.


Do this process three times in total with different thicknesses of steel plates. The adjustment of thickness is completely left to Cheat skill but the standard is based on my observation of the power that each of us can produce in our daily lives.

Otherwise, I would have had to measure them with appropriate luggage.


Return to the wooden board with the three steel plates. A wooden board processed to fit the shape of the steel plate. The decision is that the iron plate, with the blacksmith's cheat working is probably closer to the right shape.


The two secured together while aligning the wooden board with the bend in the steel plate. Wood and steel, reinforcing each other. Steel can be made pliable but not as pliable as thin wood. Wood is flexible, but its hardness can’t be compared to steel.

The same process done two more times and three bow bodies were completed. However, by this time it was almost dark probably due to the unfamiliarity of the work.


「I’ll string this guy up tomorrow.」


Sammy, who was helping riku clean up the mess replies.


「Oh, then let me do it 」


「good, It's your bows and I'm not used to that.」


Bowstrings somehow thought of as being left strung but in reality, they are removed when not in use and strung each time before they are needed. Sammy also strings them before he goes hunting and takes them off when he returns.


I've never worked on that either, as the only bow I've ever had was the one Sammy used. I should leave the finishing touches, to the expert.


「You did it." Then tomorrow we'll string it up, try it out, and then hunt."」


Sammy says with glee.


「I guess so, I'm counting on you.」




Sammy responded with a ridiculously nice smile and everyone else smiled too, somehow.

The next morning, after completing the morning prayers I give each of the three a bow as they leave for the hunt.


「I've tried to match each of them to their strengths but if there's anything wrong, let me know.」


Each of the three recipients strings his or her own bow. The strings are made of processed deer tendon.

Tie the end of the string around the end of the bow and then tie it around the other end, with that side down and the bow warped in the opposite direction.


Sammy used her usual strings as they are, so she just fixed them at both ends and done but the other two used a knife to cut the excess strings.


However, I was a little surprised to see that even Diana was stringing strings so easily, even though Liddy had practiced shooting with a bow. I knew she had some experience since her village is in the woods.


If you ask her, she says she's done a lot of this at her parents' house. I wonder what education is like for the Amour family. ..... Marius will probably get married and have children eventually but I wonder if girls, let alone boys can be trained to this level, or if Diana is especially like this.

If all of them trained to the same degree, some of them would leave behind anecdotes comparable to those of Tomoe Gozen and Itagaki Gozen in the previous world.


Sammy quickly readies her bow, arrow and draws it toward the wooden target in the corner of the garden (the one she usually uses for practice).

There is no etiquette like Kyudo. It's her own best way, honed for survival. Still, beauty was certainly present in the figure.


An arrow released from the drawn bow. The released arrow whizzed through the air as if it were covered with wind and in less than a blink of an eye, it had pierced the centre of the target.


「I love it!」


Sammy exclaimed. Apparently, she liked it.


「Is everything going to be okay? 」


「I've never seen an arrow fly as far as I thought it would, thank you very much!」


Sammy hugged me tightly with the bow and I was left to wonder whether I should be pleased or pained.


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