Don't call me a goddess! Part 3

Don't call me a goddess!! Part 3

Novel: I'm op but begin an inn

Volume 7 chapter 1  

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The carriage carrying [High Priest Butcher Budeo] was also moving along the road, with [High Priestess Pamela] following close behind.

The carriage is, simply put 'fancy and big’.

It is so large and gaudy that it is hard to imagine a high priest of a church that values poverty and purity riding in it.


It is so large that it could easily accommodate eight people, and is studded with gold, silver, other precious stones and coated with a mysterious ore called "seven-colour glowing stone," which is visible in different colours from different angles, so it reflects sunlight and sparkles so brightly that it hurts the eyes.

The only visible features were the symbol of the church and a relief of a goddess, but without them, one might have been tempted to ask, “What kind of rich bastard would build a carriage like this?”

The carriage, making loud noises as it ran down the street, was a remarkable sight and it sped past its surroundings with a sense of futility and intimidation.


The carriage in which Pamela, the priestess of the goddess rides rattles and shakes when she tumbles over the tiniest stone on the road. While the carriage in which the high priest rides is not even shaken even when it rides over a stone that could be a deadly weapon if thrown. The fact that the finest wine on the table inside the car remains in the same place without spilling at all is a testament to how stable this carriage is.


That's as it should be. The carriage in which the high priest ride devised to be as comfortable as possible inside the vehicle and the most advanced technology currently found in the world used sparingly.


Inside such a carriage. A man sits on a soft, well-furnished sofa that is instantly recognizable as luxurious. The man, who holds the position of high priest of a church that places great importance on poverty. An appearance that hardly described as such.


I can think of no other word than "meat”. No matter how famous he is, no matter how wise he is, no matter how fluent he is in any language in the world, if you were to say a word to describe him, I would certainly say "meat”.

It looks like meat already. It was rather meaty to the point that I began to think that the meat was telling me to resemble this man.


This man with the appearance of thick meat no matter how you look at it! He is the Butcher Budeo, the actual head of the world's largest and only religion, Klanism He holds the position of [High Priest].


For some reason, the butcher sits on the couch completely naked. The flesh of his belly overflowed to the tips of her knees, cascading down like a Niagara Falls. Butcher, who is so devoid of any dignity that he reveals his sloppy body without hesitation. The interior of the carriage in which he rode was swirling with a strange heat, giving off an indescribable beastly smell.

Such are the feet of the butcher. There were two women, also naked, kneeling, and looking up at the butcher.

(kukukukuku so close Soon you'll be just like these guys: ......)


Budeo turns his eyes with a lecherous gaze on the two women, who somehow resemble someone else. The thoughts fly to the future of what is to come.

After enjoying the flight of his brain for a moment, the butcher slowly reaches out to the two women in order to release the overflowing feelings he has stored up in his fantasies.


Two expressionless women who stare at the hand extending from the butcher and do not particularly transfer their emotions.

Their eyes were unfocused and vacant.




The royal city was as peaceful as ever.

Carla, who had been on a four-day vacation rotation, had come to the market in the royal capital.  

Today, I decided to resume my search for seasonings, etc., which I have not been able to do at all recently.

As one would expect from a world created by bovine, there is every kind of food that’s available on earth.

Although there are foods and other ingredients unique to other worlds, Carla was familiar with the same vegetables and other products as those grown on Earth.


However, not all ingredients found immediately. Vegetables that are not widely grown are hard to find and expensive. Besides, there aren’t many foods recognized as food. Even rice used to feed livestock.


There are also a number of complicated-looking plants, and it is possible to eat a plant that looks exactly like a lemon (peeled, of course, just the fruit) but tastes like tuna. The texture, such as the overflowing juice, is completely that of a lemon, yet it tastes like tuna. Tuna juice spreading in the mouth. I even thought of knocking it to the ground and abolish its existence.

This is how CARLA came to the market seeking information. She stroll through the market, chatting lightly with the market merchants who are friendly with her.

However, this time it was not the case and she did not find any foodstuffs of particular interest.

A little discouraged, Carla bought some foodstuffs and was about to return to the inn when an indescribable scene unfolded before her.




--- And a certain market street.


「Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, girl, you bumped into someone and now you want to keep your mouth shut?」


Then a man grabs the woman's arm.

The woman who is grabbed, startled by the suddenness of the situation and screams.


「No, no, let go of me. Someone, anyone, help ...」


That woman desperately asking for help.

Carla sighed while watching the scene.

Huh, I wonder what they are doing at.......

Carla's sighs filled with an emotion that bordered on resignation.

Just as she was about to take a step forward and stop that folly,


「 Wait!! You there!! What you doing by raising your hand to a weak maiden! 」


Out of nowhere, such words were heard.


「Who the hell are you?」


A man in a panic.

A man jumped in front of him with a single "Charge"!

The moment she saw the man, CARLA sighed deeply.



From there, it was just a matter of time.

--Deprived of his fun by a man who jumped in, the man who had grabbed the woman turned the tables on him. He leaped at the man who jumped into the water, but the man quickly dodged and fought him off. The thugs spit out a discarded line and run away. The man jumped in, turned to the woman who was attacked and said it’s all right now. The woman also bowed, saying, 'Thank you for saving me,' and left a little too quickly. They probably have family waiting for them.

After watching the sequence of events, CARLA approached the man who jumped in.


「So? What is this all about?  ……Kyle?」

「Oh, it's Carla," he said. No, what. When I visited the market for a short inspection, I saw a woman attacked by some thugs. If I don't help, I will break the name of the king, won't I? 」

「oh! Well it was a pretty good story about saving a woman (a castle maid) from being attacked by thugs (castle soldiers). It would have been a little more spectacular if it weren't for the barbed, dreadful actors. 」


The intimidating feeling emitted from the Carla with a "gogogo!

Even the king flinches at this, too.


「He said, "Eh, no, that? That's strange. I think, if we do this,

『Kya, Kyle sticky』

『It is my duty as king to protect my people. Nevertheless, you know, the only person I really want to protect is you. 』

It's supposed to be 'urethy, kyle, ditey'* *! 」

* * (T/N: I can’t make anything about these words probably “Carla Kyle date” or kyle duty)

The moment he said those words, the intimidation that filled the air around him became many times heavier.


「 Hmmm, you even inconvenienced everyone in the castle for such a travesty. ..., Kyle, you know what I mean.」

「Ummm...... pity!!!!"AAAAAAAHH!!!!”」


King KYLE always leaves the royal castle at noon.

From that day on, no one was seen leaving the royal castle for a week or so. ......

The royal city was peaceful today.


kyle……。 Too silly. ......

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